The chef and his team

Pascal Devalkeneer is currently pursuing his dialogue with haute cuisine with his new chef, Kasper Kurdahl. With his market gardener, he is cultivating his vegetable garden like a pantry that contains all his feelings and emotions. With a team of 27 people he is able to give things the value that they deserve day after day.

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Being Belgian in the world of haute cuisine is about being independent of any one school of cuisine. Pascal’s cuisine does not give in to the new mantras of this greedy planet but stays loyal to traditional requirements that might be served in a luxury hotel. Pascal puts excellence into his meticulous search for a new sharpness of taste, the discovery of a rare variety for his vegetable garden, an innovative design for his plates, meeting new producers etc.

He is the heart and soul of the Chalet.

For me the Chalet is a jewel that you need to polish tirelessly, an exceptional jewellery case whose magic only bursts out if you take the time to reinvent it every day.

– Pascal Devalkeneer


Being Danish in the kitchen means lots of different things. Nordic nouvelle cuisine has such an aura around it that just uttering a name with a Nordic accent gives the whole gastronomic scene a lift. But Kasper Kurdahl has his feet firmly on the ground. He left his country well before all the excitement took hold. He developed his trade thanks to trips and meetings with big name chefs in Paris, New York, Milan and Tokyo.

He marks the beat for the Chalet de la Forêt’s cuisine, its expertise and its youthful capital.

For me the Chalet is a way of life that is seasoned like an Espelette spice with its combination of total creative freedom and requirement to be sociable, of absolute wellbeing and of questioning things.

– Kasper Kurdahl