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All our products are carefully selected for you. They come from organic farming, small producers, protected designations of origin (appellations contrôlées), small and local fish farms and the focus is on high quality.

Simplicity as a route to finding the most appropriate flavour.

-Pascal Devalkeneer


Price Description
67,50€ Tartar of oysters Régis Borde, oscietra caviar, brocoli flowers, potato mousseline.
74,00€pp Blue lobster from our Homarium, cream of coral, leak and daikon. (for 2 persons)
49,50€ Flame cooked mackerel, new potatoes, sweet curry oil and laurel.
64,00€ Crab mezzaluna with fresh almonds, peppermint pesto and coriander.
67,50€ Delightful sea urchins, shells and raw langoustines. Jasmine rice with coconut milk, seaweed tapenade.
71,00€ Large roasted langoustine, candied melon, yahurt and shiso.
54,00€ Declination around the zucchini and its flower, small chanterelles and pickles.

Fish and shell fish

Price Description
74,00€ Red mullet and squid with citrus. Fish bones juice and fennel.
76,00€ John Dory filet, tomato with crabmeat, bouillabaisse juice.
84,00€ Sea bass with truffle crust, green vegetables of our garden, Champagne sauce.
72,00€ Codfilet lightly cooked, cauliflower in couscous, hazelnut and burnet.

Meat and poultry

Price Description
89,00€ Aveyron lamb filet, spinach leaf mille-feuille, crispy necklace, jus with chanterelles.
98,00€ Fillet of beef and foie gras à La Royale, chicory and truffled beef jus.
74,00€ Veal sweetbread braised in lobster concentration, glazed with miso.
81,00€ Ripped South-west pigeon, timut, different preparations of beetroot and red fruits.