Frederick Deruyck celebrates his 15 years at le Chalet !

Back then, in May 2003, 3 years1/2 after the opening of le Chalet, Frédéric Deruyck joined Pascal Devalkeneer in his restaurant Drève de Lorraine, as catering manager.

With his solid experience in Barbizon and in the Comme Chez Soi, alongside Pierre Wynants, he definitely was and still is the right person to represent le Chalet and guarantee the quality of our Maison in all kinds of public or private events taking place outside le Chalet. Frederic tells us about the evolution of le Chalet througout those years, he experienced le Chalet four years with no Michelin stars until 2007, then witnessed the coronation with a second star in 2011: ” Pascal Devalkeneer’s cooking identity has always been present but we have most certainly gained in refinement, in regularity, we are more picky on products, we pay more attention to dressage, just to name a few of the evolvements. Back then, le Chalet had no more than one Chef de Partie per section, today it is no less than three people in charge of the rôtisserie, same with the fish, the larder, the vegetables, the bakery and even more at the pastry section! This eventhough we serve fewer tables today than at the time. This gives you a good idea of ​​the level now sought. Back then we wanted to create as much as possible, today we try to create the best we can! The process is longer because we put way much care and requirement in it. Take the example of the signature foie gras of le Chalet de la Forêt, it took us many years to reach the taste and texture we were looking for. Today we are really proud to serve it to our customers! “.