À la carte

All our products are carefully selected for you. They come from organic farming, small producers, protected designations of origin (appellations contrôlées), small and local fish farms and the focus is on high quality.

Simplicity as a route to finding the most appropriate flavour.

-Pascal Devalkeneer


Price Description
49,00€ Variation on zucchini with fresh almonds, farmer's milk curd.
44,00€ Flame cooked mackerel, grapes from Overijse with spices and smoked ricotta.
74,00€pp Breton lobster from our Homarium with rose petals. (for 2 persons)
84,00€ Large langoustine from Brittany just snacked, candied melon, yahurt and shiso.
64,00€ Veil of radish and smoked eel, white cheese from our country. Heritage selection caviar.

Fish and shell fish

Price Description
76,00€ John Dory filet à la plancha, melting fennel, blood orange marmalade. Rock fish juice.
98,00€ Turbot roasted on a woodfire, ceps and salsify with yellow wine.
84,00€ Pearly line bar, kale from our vegetable garden and Guldenstatie caviar.

Meat and poultry

Price Description
74,00€pp The milk-fed veal chop served crispy, baharat cauliflower, smoked eel butter. (for 2 persons)
98,00€ Fillet of beef and foie gras à La Royale, truffled beef jus, crispy potatoes and mesclun.
74,00€ Long roasted veal sweetbread pitted with anchovies. A poivrade artichoke à la Romaine.
84,00€ Ripped South-west pigeon. Plums, red orach, strong gravy.